Deer are most active in the evening and morning hours. They rest during the day and at night. This makes sense since many predators are less active at that time, giving them a chance to rest.

Next, let us look at mating season. This is a time when deer hunters have an advantage because a deer’s senses are dulled when it is ready to mate. Timing is everything and you can exploit this when looking for that trophy deer.

What Is That Smell?

One of a deer’s main senses is its sense of smell. When hunting for deer you want to be sure to be free of perfume, scented shampoo, skin cream, soaps, or deodorants and other non-natural scents. It’s also important to be upwind from the deer.

Deer are also great at seeing and hearing. So, they startle at slight movements, rustling in the brush or sounds. If you see a deer heading towards you remain still and quiet. If a deer feels it’s in danger it will run off immediately.


Getting the Right Gear.

Another method to us would be deer hunting with a bow. Crossbows and compound bows are often used for deer hunting but take much more skill since you usually have to be closer. It’s helpful to get your bow by practicing often, otherwise your skills will get rusty and your chances of bagging a deer goes down quite a bit.

The main tip is to use gear that you know works well for you and that you have confidence in.